Direct Marketing for Car Washes

Direct marketing and direct-mail work very well for carwashes, but often carwashes fail to understand that there are many types of direct-mail and it makes sense to explore other options rather than just sending out direct-mail packages to the top demographic in the local area.

For instance it makes sense to put a flyer for your car wash inside the Chamber of Commerce newsletter, which is mailed out to the businesses who are members, they all have cars and company vehicles too. It makes sense to send out mail out packages to business district zip codes for all small-business owners.

It makes sense to put flyers in the mailboxes at the real estate offices. It makes a lot of sense to co-op with other auto services and ask if you can put your car wash coupons inside the invoices for other auto service companies. Your carwash can reciprocate by putting other auto services and their brochures in your lobby.

Sending direct marketing, direct-mail and mail out packages through the U.S. mail has always been good for car wash business owners and it always brings in new customers and clientele and refreshes those previous customers who may not use the carwash on a regular basis. It makes sense to use direct marketing and direct-mail in car washes if you want to expand your business and continue to make a profit. Please consider this in 2006.

Direct Marketing for City Recycling Programs

Municipalities should consider direct marketing and direct mail to reach out to customers and constituents in their districts to spread the word about city recycling programs. The huge blob of bureaucracy is often inefficient in public announcements and public relations. They often spend huge amounts of money in their budget to promote city programs such as recycling programs.

Water districts have often used direct mail to send out brochures in their invoices aerting us to save water and in doing so in fact water consumption will go down between 10 and 15 percent fairly quickly. City recycling programs should learn from this and use direct mail and direct marketing to promote these wonderful programs. Consumer awareness in recycling programs will make the difference and you need to reach out to such people and ask them to recycle because it is the right thing to do and you will be surprised the large percentage of people who will look at such a mail out to and say to themselves;

“This makes sense, I am going to recycle.”

They just need to be asked and what easier way then to send out the explanation of the city recycling programs in a direct-mail or direct marketing piece. If you run a city recycling program please consider this in 2006 and if we all recycle little it will add up to a lot.

Direct Marketing for Neighborhood Watch Groups

The setting up of neighborhood watch groups is not an easy thing to do and it is not so easy as you might expect to find volunteers either. Everyone wants to live in a city or county with very low crime however, getting people to volunteer for neighborhood watch group is difficult, as people are very busy or they do not want to be involved in any way, shape or form with the criminal elements.

One way we have found that works well for setting up neighborhood watch groups is to use direct marketing through the mail. It is not really that difficult and it does not cost that much. Additionally, we have found some direct-mail companies like money mailer who were willing to put the flyers in their direct-mail packages for business in a given ZIP code for free. We were congratulated by our ingenuity by the local citizen liaison at local sheriff’s department.

Even if people do not volunteer for the neighborhood watch group but they did see a flier in the mail alerting them that a neighborhood watch group is forming, they are more likely to report suspicious activities. Additionally some of the families may have teenagers who are in gangs and they will tell their friends that this particular neighborhood now has a neighborhood watch and they will tell them not to crime in that area saying it is a; “Bust.”

Direct marketing and direct-mail for neighborhood watch groups works. It helps with public relations and also recruiting volunteers. Perhaps you might consider this for your neighborhood watch group in your city. Think on this in 2006.